DTW Metro Airport McNamara Terminal | Gate A36

HBF APU JV, LLC manages and operates this location under the tradename Plum Market and as an independent licensee.


Because Plum Market at DTW is licensed and operated by an airport partner, we are unable to include purchases made at this location in the myRewards Program.

Awards & Press Coverage

Airport Council International Excellence in Airport Concessions
2016 2nd Place, Best New Food & Beverage Quick-Service Concept

Over 30 awards were given in 2016 in various categories encompassing almost all aspects of airport concessions. Categories included Best Food & Beverage Program, Best New Retail Concept, Best “Green” Concession Practice or Concept Category, and Best New Consumer Services Concept, just to name a few.

Metro Times Best of
2017 Best Specialty Market

Nothing in the Motor City comes easy. It’s winter, seemingly, for half the year. People here are skeptical of hype, and rightfully so. Detroiters can be a tough crowd, and you have to be Detroit-tough to survive and thrive here. It’s no minor feat to be Detroit-approved.

American Institute of Architects Detroit
2012 Interiors Award

Exciting, colorful, light-filled interior with polished concrete floors, unpainted masonry walls, and finished bamboo ceilings and soffits. Custom millwork details and specialty lighting converge to create a space that is an expression of the Plum Market philosophy.

2017 Groceraunts: Cuisine on the Go

A hybrid of grocery stores and restaurants, called grocerants, are generating new revenue at food outlets in the region. Driving the trend are busier lifestyles, higher profit margins on prepared food over traditional grocery items, and millennials, who prefer speed and quality. Plum Market has been offering prepared food since opening its first store in 2007.

The 10 Most Beautiful Supermarkets in America
2016 Plum Market Chicago is Ranked #8

A pleasant atmosphere and beautiful setting is much more likely to lure us to the aisles, and certain grocery store locations across the country really have that figured out. Whether they’re situated in historic buildings or carefully designed with customer experience in mind, these 10 supermarkets are totally worth the trip. Heck, we’d visit even without a grocery list in hand!

Our chef-crafted recipes from the Plum Market Kitchen are unparalleled. We provide healthy options with robust flavor profiles and attractive presentations to encourage better nutrition and healthy eating habits. We start with legacy recipes handed down to us, then add influences ranging from the Mediterranean to the Far East. And we work with Organic ingredients, All Natural proteins including Bell & Evans Chicken and Niman Ranch Beef, and Locally Sourced ingredients that are prepared on-site by our chefs.


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Store Hours: Open 5am – 10pm Everyday